Mario Bros. LLC started out as Mario’s East Coast Submarine Sandwiches back in 1984 by Mario’s father
Mariano Paul Manuel, when Mario was one years old. When it was licensed in the state of Washington, in
1984 it was one of the first Philly Cheese Steak Delis in Pierce County We featured east coast

Italian style sandwiches, pizza, and spaghetti. In 1987 we closed the deli and focused in on the Philly Cheese
Steak side of our business, as one of the food booths at the Oregon Country Fair outside of Eugene Oregon.
OCF is an arts, crafts, and music fair in the month of July. We serve an average of 3700 meals every year and
introduced Smoked Prime Rib in 2006 which was a first for the Country Fair. Mario Bros. LLC was thrilled to
announce in 2007 the expansion of the business. We began doing other events as well as private events, such
as shows at the Secret House Winery next door to the OCF in Veneta, Oregon. We also began doing the
Tonasket Barter Faire in Okanogan County, Washington and a six day show in Spokane called Pig Out in the
Park, as well as many other jazz and blue events in the Northwest.  

We have all the necessary materials and supplies to handle any event. The redwood pieces in our booth
include the signage, and countertops that are rare pieces that Mariano obtained when he had a redwood burl
company in the 70’s. Those pieces are worth over ten thousand dollars at today’s prices. We have three flat
grills one 7 foot long and two four footers that run off propane. We have a great self contained water system
that is made up of three 55 gallons drums that stack on a steel tower with a 12 volt pump and a propane water
heater that gives instant hot water to our stainless steel sinks. We also have several 60 quart ice coolers for
drinks and our own freezer truck to keep things frozen that pulls our 24ft. cargo trailer filled with all the
equipment we would ever need.

WE BELIEVE in the sandwich business, that taste and quality of the bread is 80% of the meal. Our rolls that
we use to make our sandwiches are made from a special recipe from Baker Boys Northwest in Tacoma,
Washington. We tried over 30 bakers in Oregon and Washington and sampled over seventeen different bread
rolls and could not find the one that would stay together and not mush out but most of all tasted great. This is
the bread we started out with in 1984 and we are still proud to use it today.